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Custom Website Design for Artists in Marin County.

You have choices of how your Website can best reflect who you are. Your message should be clear and consistant. Be Irresistable. Catch someone's eye.




It's Showtime
The importance of a good first impression should not be overlooked. If your Website looks good it makes you look good. This is an eye catching opportunity that should not be underestimated.


Now - They need to be ready and able to eaisily go deeper into your site.


Clear navigation and well designed page layout are top priorities for me. Once you have your viewers attention the next step is for the information they are seeking to be obvious and accurate. Artists and Creative Thinkers should be seen as who they truly are and stand out in the crowd. Your Website should speak for you. It's your domain - your home in cyberspace. Does it reflect who you are and what you do?

Make your Website a Master Showcase

Artist Claudia Tarantino

Every artist has a certain "look" or essence that can be found throughout all of their work. I personally challenge myself to get to know my clients and bring their Artistic Expression to their website. Their uniqueness becomes the strength of the site. It is their art that makes the site a success because it reflects who they truly are.


The website for artist Claudia Tarantino shows the impact of this kind of personalization. In addition, there is great benefit for every artist to have an online portfolio to represent themselves and their artwork. Today galleries and Art Competitions require digital portfolios instead of slides.


What about custom Blog Design?

WordPress is currently the most popular website/blog platform. It can be confussing at first because all blogs are a part of a website. But, websites don't need to have a blog included. A blog is found within a website and can function alone just as a blog.

Banners for Blogs

San Anselmo Arts

A specific designed banner placed on the top of the pages can create a feel for what the site content is about. This provides consistency and assures the viewer that they are still navigating within in the same site as they move from page to page.

What about Search Engine Ranking?

If you want efficient Search Engine results careful attention must first be applied to page structure and coding. It is my promise to create an efficient and strong foundation and this alone is often enough to keep a Website on Google's first page. The written content in your site is what the search engines are reading. It must be valid and specifically apply to what is found on your site.



If you desire a blog or website I can help you at any point along the way:

  • • Show you how to get your blog set up and running and guide you through basic operations
  • • Set up site navigation menus and links
  • • Understanding and activating themes
  • • Create new pages & posts
  • • Add photos and other media
  • • Instruct you on editing and removing what’s already been posted on your blog.
  • • Set your blog or website up from start to finish and maintain it.

    Hosting and Domain Registration are generally not included.

  • Website Revisions
  • Redesigning your Web site may not require much and a fresh new look can be a big improvement. Often sites just need a minor changes in content or new images added.


Contact me for more information explaining the various aspects of designing your website. It can all seem overwhelming at first with so many choices and unfamiliar termonology. I can help you understand the best direction for you to go.